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Analytics Mailbag: How good was Canadien's pairing from Markov, Petry?

It's time again for analytics mailbags where we answer your questions with the best data that hockey has to offer.

As always, if you asked a question that requires a very detailed answer, it will likely become a separate article sooner rather than later!

Editor's Note: The language of some questions has been slightly revised for clarity.

Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman talk to a lot of people around the hockey world and tell the audience everything about what they heard and what they think about it.

@domluszczyszyn: I want to know which teams get the most rebounds on the offensive. Which players are best in the offensive and defensive zones?

Dom returns to last week's mailbag and wants a little more information about rebounds.

My first thought without looking was the Carolina Hurricanes, as they lead the league when it comes to getting chances outside of the lead. But while they're good, they don't have the highest ranked rebounds per 60 minutes at 5v5 – the Vegas Golden Knights at 9.77 – and the team that gets the highest percentage of rebounds their opponents give up the Columbus Blue Jackets, at 49.7 percent.

However, the Blue Jackets were only the eighth best team to convert these rebounds into shot attempts from the slot. The team that did it best? The Montreal Canadiens with 2.3 every 60 minutes.

It is difficult for certain players to restore rebounds to achieve percentages there. However, the best strikers in rebound recovery in the offensive zone are Jake Guentzel at 3.73 per 60 minutes, followed by Tomas Hertl at 3.54 and Cody Eakin at 3.5, Mark Stone at 3.42, Brendan Gallagher at 3 , 41 and Phillip Danault at 3.39.

In the defensive zone – and this will be a bit shocking – according to volume, Brent Seabrook is the leader every 60 minutes at 4.19am. After Seabrook are Brent Burns (4.11), Troy Stecher (3.7), Jeff Petry (3.62) and Radim Simek (3.55).

With two sharks, a Blackhawk and a Canuck, I can say that your team, which allows more shots, can increase your numbers a little in this area. I'm not sure how much I would value it without adjusting to the team play first.

Richard Deitsch and Donnovan Bennett host a podcast on how COVID-19 affects sport around the world. They speak to experts, athletes and personalities and offer an insight into the lives of people for whom we usually take root in very different ways.

@ballards_legacy: How much do you appreciate XGF and XGA? They seem dangerous absolute measurements to me, but I see that many rely on them as if they were more absolute than not.

They are imperfect, like any metric, but dangerous? I don't understand how. They predict future goals better than goals, shots or attempted shots – regardless of whether you use public or private data. Anything that gives you better information with more predictability is good statistics.

Can you be wrong? Naturally. Any metric can mislead you because the future is not yet determined.

It is not very wise to only use expected goals to fully rate a player, but I do not know anyone who uses statistics, even if it is a combination of statistics. Combination metrics for individual numbers are good starting points, then go into the detailed work.

@JonathanWillis: How much of Martin Jones & # 39; saving percentage is Jones and how much is the defense?

The sharks are not very good defensively, but Jones is definitely a problem. San Jose is currently 29th in the NHL in goals that exceed expectations, with goalkeepers giving each game an additional 0.2 goals for the same strength. This is actually an improvement over last season, when 0.26 more goals were scored per game than expected.

Of the 35 goalkeepers who played 1,500 or more minutes at 5v5 this season, Jones ranks 34th in percentage savings for the inner slot, 34th for the entire slot, and 35th for the perimeter. The only goalkeeper who was comparatively bad is Mike Smith.

Lead author Ryan Dixon and NHL editor Rory Boylen always give 110%, but never rely on clichés when podcasting. Instead, they use a mix of facts, fun, and a diverse group of hockey voices to report on Canada's most popular game.

@arola_teemu: Teravainen is one of the best defensive wingers and still scores many points. So can you say he's a top 5 two-way winger in the league?

@ grahamr_9: Is Teuvo a top 5 striker?

Two questions about Teravainen's defensive acumen, and they're not wrong.

The top five may be a bit high, but without the ability to easily separate wingers from the centers, Teravainen is on the defensive among the top 25 percent of all strikers.

Most of Teravainen's defensive impact is in the neutral zone, where he is among the top two percent of strikers when stripping opponents of the puck, two percent in blocked passes, and five percent in restoring loose pucks. He also has one of the lowest fluctuation rates in the defensive zone in the NHL, making him a player you can trust defensively with and without a puck. He is a phenomenal two-way striker.

@scottmatla: How good was the pairing of Andrei Markov and Jeff Petry?

There were some questions from Canadians' fans about Andrei Markov, who had just announced his retirement from the game. The general was certainly the best defender who has spent most of his career with the Canadiens since the Big Three of the legendary dynasty of the 1970s.

Scott asked for Markov with Jeff Petry, but in his last season in the NHL, Markov played two different top pairings in Montreal – each with the toughest competition of all available pairings.

With Petry the pair achieved an expected goal rate of 54.5 percent and with Shea Weber an expected goal rate of 53.3 percent. While Markov wasn't on the ice with either of these, the Canadians' expected goal rate was around 48 percent. No matter who he was playing with, their presence increased them.

Already in his late 30s, Markov was one of the top defender slot passes that roughly matched the average striker, and led all defenders to power play in one-timer passes in 2016-17.

@ WallyWest1978: If you could combine the best offensive NHL defender and the best defensive NHL defender into one player, which two would you use and, more importantly, what would this super defenceman be called?!? [?

It would take a lot of research and calculation to fully answer this question, but broadly in the 2019-20 season, Roman Josi would be the defender with the greatest offensive impact, while the defender with the greatest defense would be the defender Effects would be Jonas Brodin.

I think that means that the top defender we could create now is Roman Brodin. This player would be worth a maximum of league and you might want to play him for 35 minutes per game.

@tcondo: Kevin Fiala vs. William Nylander: Who can better consider teammates and who is worth more because of contracts?

Fiala finally had the breakout season everyone was waiting for, and in a way Nylander too, though he was excellent throughout his career.

Nylander is the stronger offensive weapon that creates and maintains more chances to score and higher quality, but Fiala is more defensively involved and he has also become a fairly effective pre-examiner – loose puck restorations in the 83rd percentile among strikers in the offensive zone.

Both players are fantastic transition players who move the puck on the ice at excellent rates, but other than that, they're not very stylistically comparable. Since Nylander has been better for a long time, I would rather bet that he will continue to be a safe bet than that Fiala will stay that good.

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