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Contained in the Spotlight Reel: The best way to grasp "The Forsberg" like Pettersson

Every week, the embroidery handling specialist Pavel Barber and Sonny Sachdeva take on the highlight role to break one of the silkiest features of the best of the NHL, disassemble it, explain why it is so dangerous and to demonstrate how to master it yourself.


It started with three crowns, royal blue adorning yellow. First worn by Kent Nilsson when he competed against Team USA in 1989. Then, half a decade later, from Peter Forsberg, when he made a name for himself as a synonym for this dazzling representation and with the one-hand shootout sequence, which has only been known as "The Forsberg" since then, the Olympic Gold Medal & # 39 ; 94 won over Canada.


In this week's edition of Inside the Highlight Reel, the stick handling specialist Pavel Barber and I break up the mechanics of The Forsberg for budding Baumler who want to master the move during these quarantines.

With the ice hockey world coming to a standstill after the COVID 19 pandemic, we asked Barber to share his on-ice expertise with young players who are using this downtime to optimize their skills. The phenomenal skills YouTube coach has made a name for himself to analyze the intricacies of offensive magic. While Toronto native, has raised half a million followers online, he has trained NHLers like Jonathan Toews and Jake Virtanen and has recently teamed up with Bo Horvat and the Vancouver Canucks to coach some local Vancouverites.

In week 1 we kindly canceled the backhand toe resistance with the kind permission of Mitch Marner. Next was a look at another piece of one-handed backhand magic, that of Sidney Crosby. Last week Connor McDavid was in the spotlight and gave us an insight into the art of deception.

For the fourth part, we look at Elias Pettersson's iteration of The Forsberg:

(Watch Barber's tutorial on how to master the move using the video embedded at the end of this story.)

Pettersson is the last in a long line of NHLers who defeated Forsberg in the big leagues. Anze Kopitar developed his own in the same season, and everyone from Henrik Zetterberg to Vladimir Tarasenko to John Tavares broke it at some point in their careers.

Let's take a look at why this step is effective enough to assert itself in half of the league's elite in toolkits.

First the basics:

"Forsberg's one-handed decoration is a fake forehand movement in which the goalkeeper moves sideways to stop the forehand shot," explains Barber. "Then the player pulls it over his body, releasing it on one hand for greater range to end the backhand."

The following viewpoint gives us an insight into how easy and yet deadly the move is. The key is the fact that the first stage of the sequence is a dangerous combination in itself – pretending backhand and shooting forehand.

Here we see Pettersson going through the movements to pull this combination. Mackenzie Blackwood bites and slides to the right, and Pettersson, anticipating this reaction, is already moving the puck back to the newly opened side of the cage when he and the Netminder meet.

The Canucks pivot has an additional advantage that also works in its favor, given its track record of using this backhand-forehand combination and the similarity of early approaches for both moves that mask its intent.

“Pettersson approaches an angle on his off-wing before coming to the center. Then he prepares him for the forehand and behaves as if he is doing a wrong backhand and a forehand side finish – he was previously successful with this move, which helps him, ”explains Barber.

Essentially, Blackwood tries to protect itself from the suffering of this equally undesirable fate (which opposing Netminders from No. 40 have often experienced):

The comparison of the two clips above should illustrate why this step is so effective – it's more of a mind game than anything else. Pettersson can go the exact same way to the net, pull a backhand-forehand combination, and force Netminders to play at that moment, whether he stays with the forehand option or pulls it all the other way he has shown the ability to Ease to do.

A crucial aspect for the successful implementation of the latter is the moment that actually lies between these two options. But it has more to do with your skates than your hands, explains Barber.

“Now that Pettersson pulls it over and reaches for one hand, he sprays snow to slow his left foot. This is a subtle detail that makes or breaks the movement, ”says Barber. "The reason why these players will do this is to ensure that their bodies don't move too far from the forehand, which would limit the reach of the one-handed backhand finish."

This last second leg work is key to creating enough time and space to pull the puck back to the other side of the cage – and to stay centered enough to get there at all. A look at this last moment in several different iterations from The Forsberg shows its meaning:

For those who want to improve their skills at home and include The Forsberg in their arsenal, we asked Barber to demonstrate the mechanics of the move, how to make sure you can do it with maximum effectiveness, and an exercise that will help you build the skills for it.

Watch Pavel Barber's video tutorial on how to master Forsberg:

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