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High 5 left wingers of the last decade: Ovechkin dominated the 2010s

As we say goodbye to 2019, we're also closing the incredible decade in the NHL.

And what was that decade? We have seen dynasties, reconstructions, generation players at their best and depth players become stars.

Some of the best players of this decade have done so on the left – including one of the most productive goal scorers of all time.

So what makes someone the best in his place? There are so many factors that can help. When it comes to Stanley Cups and winning franchises, playoff actor Patrick Sharp cracks that list. Longevity is an allusion to the long-lived Ironman Patrick Marleau, who didn't miss a single game from 2010 until the beginning of this season. You can't deny Artemi Panarin's elite ability (and his 1.02 points per game), but it's hard to list him here if he's played less than half a decade – though admittedly it's difficult not to include him here included. A similar argument can be applied to Ilya Kovalchuk – if he had stayed instead of leaving the KHL, where would he be?

These questions are part of why it is so much fun to compile such rankings at the end of the decade. Focusing on individual statistics over the period of the 2010s, here are the five best left wingers that have proven themselves over the past decade.

1. Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals

Well, that's pretty obvious.

Ovechkin's trophy cupboard was already filling up well when it rolled around in 2010, but he now needs an entire room after the dominant decade he had. Over the past 10 years, Ovechkin has been the NHL's top scorer six times (including a run of four straight from 2012-13 to 2015-16). He won the Ted Lindsay Award in 2010 and was named MVP from 2012 to 2013. When he won and earned his first Stanley Cup in Washington, we were all crazy about our “Ovi can't win the big” revenue Conn Smythe honored – 2018.

He is not only the most dominant left wing winger of the decade, but also the best goal scorer who has ever played in this position. He is currently the first and fifth in all points on the left and will surely hold both records through a landslide if he puts on his skates. (Note to Ovi: Please never hang up your skates.)


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Ovechkin never scored fewer than 32 goals in one season – including the lockout campaign shortened from 2012 to 2013 – and led Washington in goals every season of the 2010s. He has scored the most points in all seasons except two seasons in the past ten years.

He also leads all left wingers in playoff goals and points this decade – with his 50 goals and 96 points in 107 postseason competitions, he achieves a game speed of 0.90 points per game, which is also a record among his Colleagues who played 50 or more playoff games in the 2010s and have scored more goals than any other skater this decade (70).

2. Brad Marchand, Boston Bruins

Do you remember when we all thought it was just a pest? Ah, but how wrong we were.

Marchand may have been recognized as one of the league's best emerging agitators for the first time, but for much of the past decade he has been turning his elite player skills as he turns before our eyes throughout his decades of career The consistently competitive core of the Bruins developed into a key part of.

He started the decade as a reliable contributor in the range of 18 to 28 goals with a maximum score of around 55 points and then prevailed in 2015/16 with a breakout of 37 goals – and he is getting better and better. The 31-year-old completed two successive 85-point seasons from 2016 to 2018 and reached 100 in 2018/19.

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Marchand was not only one of the main people responsible for one of the most productive hockey lines, but also scored the second most goals in all positions after Ovechkin (55).

Of course, it is still a pest. But it is a pest with finesse. Bruins fans love him, non-Bostonians love to hate him and opponents hate to play against him – is there a better combination than this?

3. Taylor Hall, Edmonton Oilers / New Jersey Devil / Arizona Coyotes

Hall was not only one of the most talented in his position in the past 10 years, but also one of the most current: he started the decade when he was part of a 2010 series that was considered the No. 1 overall trade design, that shook the hockey world six years later, started in 2019 with its name in many rumors and ended the year with a change from New Jersey to sunny (and endgame-bound …!) Arizona.

But back to his talent: In six seasons with the Oilers at the beginning of the decade – and his NHL career – Hall led Edmonton twice in the goals, was the club's league leader three times and was among the first two in both categories A season.

With 537 points, he took fifth place in the list of all decades. After 593 games in his career, he climbed onto the scoreboard at a rate of 0.91 points per game – the fourth best of his peers running on the left.

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The best campaign of his career took place in his second season in New Jersey, when he led the team through a landslide in goals (39) and points (93) to single-handedly pull them into the playoffs and face the 2017 – 18 Hart Trophy as a league MVP.

Regarding the playoffs, the only factor against Hall's best-of-the-decade case is the lack of post-season games. Although his sample in the playoffs only includes five games, after a loss to Tampa Bay Lightning in spring 2018 everyone (especially him) longs for more than two goals and six points. When Arizona closes the decade in the Pacific, we will all probably fulfill our wish – and maybe longer this time.

4. Johnny Gaudreau, Calgary Flames

Gaudreau has been a very successful scorer in the NHL since day 1 – he literally scored in his first NHL game – and although he has played the fewest games compared to his teammates on this list, his first full season was in 2014- 15 His influence on the team and the league as a whole should not be underestimated.

The Flames leader in each of the last four seasons is inextricably linked to the franchise's identity, with an unfortunate club that got into the playoffs in its 2014 rookie season. From 2018 to 2019 Johnny Hockey was voted the best team in the West. He was a leader with career highs at goals (36), assists (63) and points (99). If the flames break down their stumbling blocks in the early season and begin the next decade to take the top spot, that's because of Gaudreau's efforts.

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Gaudreau has taken third place in all left wingers in points per game (0.97) and tenth place among all skaters (with at least 300 games played in order not to distort the results too much) in the last ten years. His biggest contribution to the game isn't limited to the scoreboard though. Over the course of his six NHL seasons, Gaudreau has become a face of ice hockey's development into a faster game, with smaller, more skilled skaters being preferred over traditional performance forward in a game played faster than ever.

5. Jamie Benn, Dallas Stars

He's had a bad year – who among the Dallas strikers isn't? – but that shouldn't make us forget Benn's dominance for much of the past decade.

Benn achieved second place in all categories in this category with 280 goals and 645 points under all leftists, while his pace of 0.87 points per game is the sixth best.

The captain of the stars started 2013/14 with a season with 34 goals and 79 points and built on this success with a season with 35 goals and 87 points, which was worthy of the Art Ross Trophy. An even better season a year later did not bring him the title, but it set another career high for both goals (41) and points (89), and you have to believe that the best is not yet out Team that seems to be a bit away from doing a real run at the Stanley Cup.

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