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Questions and Solutions: David Rittich on self-isolation within the Czech Republic, lacking teammates

Although David Rittich is eight time zones and nearly 8,000 km from Calgary, he has kept an eye on his teammates.

He is part of the team's text string, has seen the TikTok videos his teammates have danced in, and is aware of the ribs he took from Mark Giordano, who referred to the Flames goalkeeper as the player, which he least wants to quarantine with.

However, the Flames organization's most notorious joker has no plans for an early choreographed response.

"I saw on TikTok what Chucky (Matthew Tkachuk) and Johnny (Gaudreau) did to his sister and girlfriend," said Rittich from his home in Jihlava, Czech Republic.

"But I don't have time right now because I work at the house every day. If someone wants to see my work on TikTok, I can show them what I'm doing in my garden."

Point taken.

Rittich was one of the few flames that returned to Europe last month before the scrapping of international flights, giving him and his wife valuable time to equip and decorate their new home.

Sportsnet met with the likeable Netminder to collect his thoughts about wearing gloves and a mask in public, which he misses most, why he returned to Europe and how his injured elbow is doing:

Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman talk to a lot of people around the hockey world and tell the audience everything about what they heard and what they think about it.

Sportsnet: How is it in your region of the Czech Republic in terms of shutdowns and government regulations?

David Rittich: We are allowed to leave the house and go to the shop to get food and water.

But you have to wear a mask and gloves when you go to the store.

I don't go to dinner very often – maybe once or twice a week. I stay at home to be safe and do social distancing, which is important.

SN: You wear gloves and a mask to make a living – I assume you like to wear them in public.

DR: You must wear the mask, but doctor's gloves are optional. For me and my wife, we prefer to stay safe and carry them because you don't know who touched things before you. We have to bring our own masks. I got some from Calgary.

Richard Deitsch and Donnovan Bennett host a podcast on how COVID-19 affects sport around the world. They speak to experts, athletes and personalities and offer an insight into the lives of people for whom we usually take root in very different ways.

SN: Why did you choose to return to your home in the Czech Republic?

DR: Of course it was a difficult decision, but I felt that it didn't matter where you were locked up in Calgary or in Czech. So we decided to go to Czech and I enjoy this time because we have a new house and we have time to settle things and buy new things for us. When we got back my wife had jet lag so she woke up at 2am and went online and bought everything.

I kind of enjoy it (setting up the house). If you want to live in your house, you want things to be done and look good. We built it last year and spent three weeks in it before flying to Calgary.

It's in my hometown – a small town, but I have my gym stuff that my buddy brought me, so I'm training.

SN: I understand that you had an injury before the season stopped.

DR: It was my elbow, but it was nothing that caused problems with my game, my training or training. Just a little sore – it wasn't anything crazy. It was a small thing for a couple of weeks. It was up and down. It was a really good day and a really sore day. We found out with the doctor.

SN: As a notorious trash talker in your dressing room, I'm curious to see how you responded to Giordano's playful suggestion that your pop recording would make you someone he didn't want to quarantine with.

DR: I heard Gio say that. I don't know what's going on with this guy. I don't drink that. A lot of people see me before the game a lot – that was the only time I drank Coke or Pepsi during the year. You still live in the past.

SN: Tkachuk said he would like to quarantine you because you would constantly beat him up.

DR: Finally a good thing.

SN: Can I assume that you brought Alvin, your beagle, home with you?

DR: It was actually the most difficult because we always fly with KLM and they are not allowed to take animals on the plane. So we had to find out which company we could fly with. In this crazy time, it is quite difficult to get in touch with someone who works for this company. I had to stay on the line for an hour and a half.

I remember when I bought a ticket for myself and my wife, I spent seven hours on the phone getting things done. To be honest, it was just a dog. To get him on the plane under my name, I called seven hours ago. I was mentally tired.

SN: Do you think you will end this season?

DR: Obviously it is a difficult question that you don't really know what will happen, what the government will do, and what the future will be like. I am preparing for the game, but it is difficult to see at the moment because when we look at the situation in the US and Canada, the (COVID-19) numbers also increase somewhat.

The numbers in the US are really high. I don't see any real flying between the United States and Canada at the moment.

Honestly, this is currently not a question for gamers. It is the US President and the people who can make the decision now. Hopefully everyone stays healthy and safe now, and that's the most important thing.

SN: Are you still confident that the season will end?

DR: Obviously, because the economy is bad because of the corona virus and everyone wants the economy and everything back. And I don't really like ending the season like this, especially since we're in the playoffs and played pretty well.

I love my team and teammates and I would like to see them soon and have fun in the locker room and practice with them. I miss that most – the boys in the locker room.

Well, a few people. Gio is one of them, the little old man.

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