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See what every NBA staff has on their trip want checklist

The night before Christmas and throughout the NBA, some teams rested, while others prepared for a big game the next day.

But as the holidays begin and you prepare to celebrate, these 30 clubs, regardless of where in the table, must be in a mood to think and think.

This is because the NBA's yule log fuel stove is slowly warming up and the markets for what each team is looking for are gradually developing.

To put this festive season back in the right light, the 30 squads of the NBA probably have something on their wish list that would surely make for a fantastic Christmas night!

NBA on Christmas day

The Raptors and Celtics give an indication of a full Christmas day on Sportsnet, Sportsnet ONE and SN NOW with reporting from 11:30 ET / 8:30 PT, followed by 76ers vs. Bucks, Lakers vs. Clippers and nuggets vs. Pelicans.

Atlanta Hawks

Veteran Leadership: There are a lot of issues with the terrible Hawks, who, despite an insightful star in Trae Young, are among the worst teams in the NBA.

A big reason for this is the lack of a veteran presence or multiple presences on the roster to show the way to this young Hawks roster. Vince Carter is the only real vet the Hawks have, but he's 42 years old and will retire at the end of this season. Although he probably still has lessons, there is a legitimate question of how valuable someone's way out could be.

The Hawks desperately need guidance in their locker room.

Boston Celtics

Three-Point Shooting: There isn't much the Celtics really need as they are among the best teams in the NBA, with a solid mix of star power and RPG depth on both sides of the ball, they can be done by practically anyone See situation.

However, since this is a wish list, there is one thing you probably want: improved three-point capability.

Boston is a front runner in three-point accuracy and testing, which obviously hasn't hurt them much yet, but could return in the off-season to bite them.

Whether it's the trade or buyout market, expect the Celtics to try to address this weakness before spring begins.

Brooklyn nets

Better injury luck: Given the hype around the team this season, the Nets have disappointed so far, but not necessarily because of their style of play.

Brooklyn had a really terrible stroke of luck this year, starting with the self-inflicted handicap to sign Kevin Durant, who knew he wouldn't play this season, in addition to the up-and-coming star Caris LeVert.

This is a huge score that has been missing far too long for a very talented team to really get going on paper.

All the networks can wish for at this point is that the injury mistake decides to leave them.

Charlotte Hornets

Lottery luck: Despite all of their mistakes, the Charlotte Hornets are at the bottom of the Eastern Conference playoff picture, which is mainly due to the appearance of the second grader Devonte ’Graham.

Graham is a very good looking piece for the future, but will he be honest and mediocre and desperately struggling just to get help with his development in the first round?

What the hornets need is real, real talent. It is unlikely that you can get it from a free agency, so you have to look for it in the draft. While a top 3 tip is out of the question, you may have a bit more luck in the lottery to improve your chances of a bright future with Graham at the center.

Chicago Bulls

Markkanen takes the step: After a strong second season, Lauri Markkanen has declined and the bulls are doing worse as a result.

Chicago seems to have a legitimate star in Zach LaVine, but he's a one-man show right now, and the piece that was supposed to support him nicely, Markkanen, just hasn't made it.

Markkanen is crazy, talented and skillful, but he doesn't have everything together and looks more like Andrea Bargnani than Kristaps Porzingis. Chicago needs it to be better.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Good return to Love and / or Thompson: The Cavaliers are really terrible this season, which is good for them because they don't really try to be good.

Yes, the cavaliers are trying to collect as many ping pong balls as possible as they set out to rebuild. And a big part of this rebuild is the commodities they have in Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson.

Love has four more years (including this season) for his contract and owes approximately $ 181 million over the lifetime, which is likely to make him harder to move than Thompson, whose contract expires at the end of this season. Given the location of the cavaliers and the kind of talent Love has, Cleveland should definitely try to get him to make at least one selection in the first round.

Thompson may also be able to provide the Cavaliers with a decent return, but at the top of Cleveland's list should be a nice package for love at the close of trading.

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Dallas Mavericks

Luka back, healthy again and his great self: With a lead of 30 points over the Raptors, the Mavericks were very good this season, mainly because of the second superstar Luka Doncic.

Unfortunately, Doncic is currently injured, but he's so incredibly good – he's a top five MVP candidate this season and only 20 years old – that he just has to get back to his normal shape and they will be in good condition for the rest of the season and beyond.

Doncic is a gift to himself.

Denver Nuggets

Jokic returns to the MVP candidate form: The Nuggets look like championship candidates again and chug quietly as one of the best teams in the Western Conference. Nikola Jokic is a big part of it, but if Denver wants to achieve its ultimate goals, this team will need more of him.

Last season, Jokic was a legitimate MVP candidate as he averaged 20.1 points, 10.8 rebounds, and 7.3 assists at 51.1 percent from the field. All of these numbers have dropped this season, and while you can't really say the Nuggets suffered as a result, chances are they'll play in the playoffs.

Jokic is under discussion to be one of the top five basketball players in the world, and that is the level at which the nuggets are likely to need him to be more consistent if they want to make it the next step.

Detroit Pistons

A healthy Griffin: The Pistons are another bubble playoff team in the Eastern Conference who may be better off to take part in the lottery, but they won't because of Blake Griffin's expensive and long-term contract.

This is particularly problematic because Griffin simply cannot play enough games to justify its exorbitant price.

He is a phenomenal player when he plays, but he just doesn't play enough. If you are the Pistons, all you want him to be 100 percent more often than he is now.

Golden State Warriors

The end of this nightmare of a season: It's easy for the Warriors. All you need is this season to end and then hopefully see Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green return in full health in 2020-21, possibly returning to the top of the overall standings.

Even more scary is that Dubs could return to their Hall of Famers trio next season with a potential top 3 tip.

Houston Rockets

Rocket's GM Daryl Morey could try to provide additional depth of defense and protection for the rims on the cut-off date, but if this team lives up to its enormous expectations, it starts and ends with James Harden.

Harden has an average of almost unreal 40 points per game this season, but if he turns out to be minor in the postseason, his numerous critics will return with full force. Neither he nor the missiles can allow that to happen again.

Harden has talent and the ability to make Houston basketball dreams come true. He only has to deliver.

Indiana Pacers

Oladipo returns: The Indiana Pacers are a very good team at the toughest Eastern Conference. With Victor Oladipo, however, they could become one of the true elites of the East.

It is still not certain when Oladipo could return from an injury, but when he is close to the player he had two seasons ago, the Pacers with Malcolm Brogdon and Domantas have a dangerous looking "Big Three ”on her hands Sabonis.

Los Angeles Clippers

Leonard's charging management pays off again: The clippers only have to look at what happened to the Toronto Raptors last season to know the benefits of charging management with Kawhi Leonard.

All the clippers have to do is get Leonard healthy in the postseason, and with the kind of talent that this team has, a trip to the finals could be an option.

Los Angeles Lakers

More consistent tertiary rating: The Lakers obviously have enormous star power, with both LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but one of the concerns for the team was its depth.

With the record that the Lakers hold, these fears have been forgotten, but it is still worth noting that they only have three players with double digits on average: James, Davis and Kyle Kuzma, who each play 11.1 put up.

This is not much balanced and still makes you think that this is a team that could benefit from additional attacks from outside its superstars.

Memphis Grizzlies

Morant to end the season healthily: Yes, Morant is the leader for rookie of the year and has become a fixture in the nightly highlight reels due to his stunning exploits of athletics that attack the basket.

He has a great future and the Grizzlies cannot afford to have anything bad happen to him.

Therefore, if you are Memphis, it is probably impossible to tell him not to be so aggressive about it – it's just who he is – what you can do is hope that Morant is the year survives without incident. He's had a number of close calls this season, and with every leap through the year it's almost like a stunt by Evel Knievel, where you hold your breath as much as you fear him.

Miami Heat

Play well enough to secure a top 2 spot on the grid: The Heat was one of the better surprise stories of the season and features a lineup with super star talent in Jimmy Butler, great depth of play and a tough defensive mentality, that's a team that could definitely make a little noise in the off-season.

A key aspect in the long run, however, will likely be whether the heat can secure the home advantage for most of their postseason. Miami is playing exceptionally well at home, and while they are certainly no slouch on the street, they are almost like another team at the American Airlines Arena, averaging a little over 11 points per game at home than on the go.

A top 2 seed in the East would be the best possible gift the Heat could give itself, as this would ensure that they could play more at home and improve their chances in the playoffs.

Milwaukee Bucks

An NBA championship: Giannis Antetokounmpo is the best player in the world and the Bucks are currently the best team in basketball.

With such superlatives, Milwaukee should only want one thing and we'll see if they can do it in spring.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Wiggins goes on like this: Andrew Wiggins is enjoying the best season of his NBA career and all Timberwolves want him to just keep going and have this level of performance as he is coming now and for years to come.

Minnesota is again outside and looking at the playoff picture, but at least if Wiggins does this on a consistent basis, it will make the often malicious extension he signed look much better.

The Timberwolves donated a lot of money and time for both Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns. So it's nice to see that both keep up with the snuff, and it's an encouraging sign that Minnesota will be able to build around its two young cornerstones.

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New Orleans Pelicans

Zion is recovering completely well again: It was pretty depressing in the Big Easy this season, especially because Zion Williamson, the number 1 overall winner, had to have an operation on his knee before the start of the season and has not yet had one regular Season. NBA Season.

The pelicans are understandably very careful with their valuable piece of jewelry, but a knee injury is very worrying because of Williamson's unique body and his extraterrestrial athleticism.

The best gift for the pelicans is that Williamson will eventually come back perfectly healthy and the monster he was with Duke last season, or at least not like other # 1 disasters like Greg Oden.

New York Knicks

How much time do you have?: Seriously, what's not on Knicks's wish list? After dropping out in a large free agent class last summer, they have the second worst point difference in the NBA and are on pace for 25 wins.

The Canadian guard R.J. Barrett among them, this team has desires and needs in the organization.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Clarity about the Paul situation: The Thunder are at an interesting crossroads. They play in the playoffs of the Western Conference, but also sit in Chris Paul on a large, not absolutely necessary good for their future, which they could buy before the deadline.

Both options seem fairly feasible for OKC at the moment, but the team cannot be held in the balance as it appears now, which means a decision needs to be made about what to do with Paul.

Orlando Magic

Isaac takes an offensive leap: Jonathan Isaac is one of the best and most versatile young players in the NBA and can already fully exploit his potential as one of the best shot blockers and full-backs in the league.

Orlando is rightly very excited, also offensive for his future – he has improved his goal average every year he has been in the league – but it would be much nicer if this future came sooner rather than later.

With his length, size, athletics, and skill, Isaac could become a great scorer and star, which would benefit the magic a lot as they are just a nice team with a collection of good players, but no one you would call great.

Isaac has the potential to be great, but he's not there yet.

Philadelphia 76ers

The Embiid-Simmons puzzle must finally fit: Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are both phenomenal basketball players who simply have to work well together. This is a problem considering that both are playing for the 76s.

This Philly team looks just as good as last season and can definitely run to the conference finale and beyond, but it will only go as far as its two stars wear it – and wear it together.

There is little evidence that Embiid and Simmons can actually complement each other on the pitch, but the 76s have to want this until they decide to move on from either of them.

Phoenix Suns

Rediscover their defensive shape: After an electrical opening of the season, in which they started with wins 6-3 against giants like Clippers and 76ers, the Phoenix Suns came back to earth and sank freely into the ground. feeder we are once again used to seeing them as.

The main reason for this is the team's gigantic defensive decline, with a defensive rating of 103.7 in the first nine games, worsening to more than seven points per 100 possessions.

It was fun to see Devin Booker play on a team that actually won. With this in mind, it would be nice to see how the Sonnen D played more like at the beginning of the season so that they could give themselves the chance to win again.

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Portland Trail Blazer

Successful Nurkic return: After a catastrophic start to the season, the Trail Blazers managed to scratch back into the playoff picture.

The addition of Carmelo Anthony really seemed to rejuvenate this team and gave it the tertiary score it had previously missed.

Portland has been going very well lately, but the deficit is still great, so the best gift the blazers could get is the return of a healthy Jusuf Nurkic, a center that strengthens their internal defenses big style with enough offensive punch that rolls onto the basket so it's worth keeping it on the floor as much as possible.

Sacramento Kings

Playoff bunk: There is only one goal for the Kings: the postseason.

With a lot of young, fascinating talents, it is time to see what this team can do in the playoffs, as another season that is only viewed from the outside will do nothing for it.

Sacramento is spot on in the bubble of the Western Conference playoff picture and should do everything to make it.

San Antonio Spurs

A DeRozan trading partner: DeMar DeRozan has a player option for the next season, which he may want to do without so that he can make his own choice in the summer. Regardless of what DeRozan does, the Spurs should still try to buy it.

San Antonio will have no playoffs this season, and with a fortune like DeRozan it would be daring not to at least look for offers for him.

Of course, DeRozan's commercial value is probably not the highest because it neither takes nor scores three points, but he is still adept at reaching the free-throw line and could potentially help a competitor as a rental.

If an offer for DeRozan comes along, it would be a fulfilled wish.

Toronto Raptors

So that the injury to Siakam is not particularly serious: The Raptors are currently devastated, and the Raptors' wish to survive these injuries could have been realized, but the focus on Pascal Siakam seemed more appropriate because of that what it means to the raptors now and in the future.

Siakam is the Raptors' top scorer and has signed a maximum extension that will appear next season. The injury he is dealing with is a groin problem and he has been classified as "indefinite" which sounds very scary.

The Raptors must therefore hope that Siakam's injury is not too bad and that he will have no lasting effects from it when he returns.

Utah Jazz

A ball handler: Mike Conley is injured, and although jazz has turned things around since it slipped, that doesn't mean they're not short in a key position.

The Jazz are too talented a team and too strong in a Western conference that is too competitive just to get through and wait for Conley's return. You need to go outside and get help from another ball handler to do this distance without a Conley, mostly because it's uncertain how long it might be.

Expect Utah to be active in the trading and acquisition markets.

Washington Wizards

Even less defense: Washington has the worst defense in the league, but since it has such a high crime rate, it can be found in funny shootout games that it ultimately loses.

This is the perfect storm for wizards who don't really try to win basketball games and play for the highest possible draft position.

So why not overdo your chances and defend even worse than now?

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