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The finished MLB-MLBPA deal underlines the challenges earlier than the 2020 season

TORONTO – The 2020 deal between major league baseball owners and players will benefit some more than others and the invested parties will analyze all the details to find out who gets what.


The most relevant, however, are the considerations for resuming the game, which the sides have agreed on and which regulate when and whether there is a 2020 season. The special features include:

• The lifting of state restrictions that prevent games from being watched by spectators (orders left at home, restrictions on mass meetings);

• No travel restrictions;

• Advice from medical experts;

• Consideration of games without fans and the use of neutral locations, even outside of MLB cities, if these locations are safe and economically feasible.

This is a demanding list of conditions and underscores the extent to which efforts, particularly in the United States and Canada, depend on the successful curve in the infection curve of the COVID-19 pandemic. If people don't follow the advice of health officials – Americans looking your way here, though some suspenders need to do better – the June / July restart targets set among industry partners don't stand a chance, to be realized.

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Before we get there, discussions about the 2020 schedule should begin immediately, and the sites will tackle an accelerated spring training schedule, split heads, extended rosters, the possible elimination of the All-Star game, and season extension October. A one-time change in the off-season format must also be taken into account.

Everything is on the table.

Due to the ongoing uncertainty, the economic elements of the agreement are essentially preliminary, with a representative interpreting the protection of service at the expense of wages as a long-term safeguard against the possibility of non-gaming in 2020.

Similarly, teams protect themselves from the potential legal implications if they refuse to pay for contracts by investing $ 170 million over 60 days (as of April 3) in a pool of advances Player is distributed in four different levels.

• Players with straight contracts with no division into a smaller league will receive approximately $ 5,000 a day.

• Players with a guaranteed contract and minor league split salary of $ 150,000 or higher will receive $ 1,000 per day.

• Players with a guaranteed contract and minor league split salary of $ 91,800 to $ 149,999.99 will receive $ 500 per day.

• And players with a guaranteed contract and a minor league split salary of $ 46,000 to $ 91,799.99 will receive $ 275 a day.

Salaries would be prorated when a 2020 season takes place, with progress counting toward a player's earnings.

This is a donation for the player, but the critical return is on the service life, since the players can earn a full service time regardless of the length of a possible 2020 season. The service time calculation formula calculates the days a player collected in 2020 and multiplied them by 186 divided by the number of days in the campaign.

If the season is canceled, players will get a match of their 2019 balance, which, especially for the Toronto Blue Jays, means that Bo Bichette, who only collected 63 days last year, still doesn't have a full year and therefore still six full seasons away from the free agency.

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