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Tkachuk clan is aware of that taking part in with extra characters is best

OTTAWA – It is not news that two members of Matthew Tkachuk's family set the record on Friday as staunch defenders of his controversial outlook on the game.

However, what was important was a point that his father Keith, who is familiar with character, raised.

About entertainment.

About selling the game.

Keith shook off the noise that had followed his son's role in Brouhaha last weekend and agreed what it really is that everyone is talking about the Battle of Alberta again.

"The game has probably lacked personality in recent years," said Keith, who scored 500 goals and 2200 minutes in 18 NHL seasons.

"And I think it's starting to come back."


"When I first came in, half of the league probably didn't hear about a big body check or a big fight. So it wasn't a big deal." But it is what it is now. In this world we now live with social media. "

Everyone is a critic.

And in this case everyone has an opinion on Zack Kassian and Matthew, who single-handedly resurrected the provincial war by playing the game with a sharp edge.

With passion.

With anger.

Whoever got out of hand, if at all, still has the hockey world under control.

It is said that at the end of Calgary Flames-Toronto Maple Leafs' shooting at the Scotiabank Arena on Thursday, Matthew was the only player who was booed when he ran off the middle ice into the ice before scoring the winner.

The villain wins again.

In the entertainment world where Matthew is thriving, we need more leaders who are confident, smart, and skillful enough to wear the black hat.

attract people.

Arousing interest.

Yes, the game needs more personality.

"I think so, yes," agreed Matthews younger brother Brady, a budding character whose senators will set fire to 40 friends and family on Saturday.

“You can almost say that it rekindled the Battle of Alberta and things like that. I think it's just two teams that hate each other and I think that's great for the game. It just shows how emotional it is, whether it is Game 1 or Game 41 or Game 82, playoffs … everyone puts their heart and soul against each other and tries to score these two crucial points because they are on Add end. It just shows how passionate these two cities are among fans. It is definitely great that it has sparked these and other rivalries again. "

Dad shrugs at the intense heat his eldest son has been attracting lately and praises Matthew's thick skin and maturity, which have made him one of the most skillful, calculating, and polarizing players today.

(Admittedly, the vitriol was not so easy for the mother to consume.)

If anyone knows how hard it is to make the best of Matthew, it's his little brother.

"He has the thickest skin I've ever seen," said Brady.

“He is so good at hiding such things and all the negativity. You saw it, his game is still top end, even after all the distractions lately. That only speaks for his mental game.

"I only know from personal experience that he doesn't let anything bother him when he's always around. I think that's something very big. Sometimes there is a lot of negativity towards someone. To prevent this and playing your game anyway, it's pretty impressive. "

Does Brady mind that Matthew refuses to be involved in a fight with Kassian?

"I wouldn't say it annoys me," said Brady, whom Matthew praised on Friday as the "future of the franchise."

“I just think that there are people who complain about something like nothing. Because if they thought they were dangerous hits (on Kassian), the league would have suspended him. I just think people need to relax a bit. But as I said, Matthew will do anything to win and he showed that the game was a crucial part of the fourth goal where Calgary won the game, scored those two huge points and was at the top of his league , "

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As someone who has looked up to Matthew all his life, Brady is deeply connected. Obviously.

Brady is also a highly competitive talent who will join his brother in All Star games in the near future. The 6-foot-4 power striker has scored one goal less than his brother's 15 but has had more penalty minutes since he started the round last year.

"We were always so competitive when we grew up, whether it was sports or other things around the house," said Brady.

"I think this is something that we both share and that we have somehow learned from each other.

“I think he did a great job in this game. He is one of those who are usually the best players with a big stage. That is exactly the type he is. He will show up in a question of the first games. "

The ice hockey world needs more tkachuks.

More characters are needed.

"I would agree," said Flames GM Brad Treliving.

“Look back in time and there were the bad guys. We cleaned it up a bit. Nothing is wrong with emotions.

I love how he plays with emotions and how it engages our team. We certainly don't want it to change. It is a step backwards. "

Just like my dear father.

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